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A Ride 2 Rewind

Looking back on a motorcycle trip I took 2 summers ago...

It was one of the most beautiful, memorable & possibly favorite rides that I have taken since I turned 16 & first began to hit the open road. We weaved through the Colorado Rockies, stopped ON the Continental Divide, and viewed some AMAZING countryside. Our final destination was Deadwood, SD for rally... aka: BIKE WEEK ! Our group encountered weather that varied from 30 degree chill, with snow on the ground, to 80 degree heat with blue, sunny skies. The scenery was breathtaking and our view of Mt. Rushmore, once we reached South Dakota was awesome! We caught glimpses of moose, deer and buffalo along the way. There were 10 riders in all. Although I was the only female rider, I had no trouble keeping up with the boys ; ) A need for speed has always been in my blood, as well as a love for the great outdoors. You get the best of both worlds when you're chasing down the white lines... There's a rush you get from sitting in the front of the saddle…. depending on no one... at least for a time… and enjoying that unbridled, unkept, peaceful, easy feeling of freedom. Everyone needs something in their lives to help keep them grounded, to clear their mind and to make them smile from the inside out. It’s pretty simple for me... an open road…. an open throttle….. and my "horse"...

#L3 (Live Laugh Love)

FYI... The below picture is how you can be in two places at once…. LOL ; )

Krista Marie, Marc Oswald, Greg Oswald, Big Kenny of Big & Rich, Frank WIng, Ron, Rob & crew

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