Krista was born in small town, Batavia, New York, studied musical theater in NYC and became a SAG certified stunt woman while living & working in LA. Krista (Singer, Composer and all around Lifestyle Enthusiast and Adrenaline seeker) has called Nashville home since 2003. Since arriving in Music City, Krista has written, recorded and toured all over North America and internationally, first as a solo artist signed to Sony ATV Publishing and Broken Bow Records, followed by a six year stint on the Elektra Records trio THE FARM and now as half of the Reviver Records singer/songwriter duo NEW NORTH.  Krista, with her husband Marc founded TGL Farms in Hendersonville Tn. near Nashville in 2017 and are now combining their loves of music, lifestyle and adventure in creative ways with the simple goal to enjoy life's gifts and work to inspire others to do the same. Catch Krista as she co-hosts the new groundbreaking tv series THE SONG Recorded Live @ TGL Farms airing NOW on AXS TV!



Krista Marie was born in the small town of Batavia, New York. Her mother sang opera, (which helps explain Krista's diverse & eclectic musical background) while her late father (who Krista devastatingly lost to colon cancer weeks before her 14th birthday) was a world renowned, classical accordionist & concert pianist. Music & horsepower have always gone hand in hand from 4-H horse shows, to her first motorcycle Krista managed to save enough money and buy at age 15. She also tried her hand at racing mini stock cars, snowmobiles and, eventually, ATV’s.


After studying musical theater in NYC, Krista moved west to L.A. where she earned her membership in the Screen Actors Guild appearing in various film, television and commercial productions. True to her nature, Krista went on to become a stunt woman, while continuing to focus on her songwriting.

Relocating to Nashville in 2003 to pursue music full time, Krista has written and recorded numerous projects and has toured all over North America and internationally, first as a solo artist signed to Sony ATV Publishing and Broken Bow Records, followed by a six year stint on the Elektra Records trio THE FARM. Krista just released her new EP "Puzzle Piece" with longtime songwriting partner & friend, Damien Horne. Check it out on Spotify, Amazon Music & Apple Music today!

A pick up truck kinda gal… Dirt & high speed is where KM feels most at home, when not on stage. She co-wrote and performed the official ESPN, NHRA Drag Racing theme song for the 2009 season. In the spring of 2008, Krista had a near fatal crash while racing the ATVA National Motocross Circuit. The incident left her with 11 broken bones, and a lacerated liver, including 4 spinal fractures, 4 broken ribs, collar bone, wrist & femur. Dr.'s were unsure if she would survive or ever walk again but she beat the odds as she approached her extended rehab with sheer determination & perseverance and has fully recovered from the devastating wreck. Still enjoying her throttle time albeit a bit more cautious, Krista rides her Yamaha 450 ATV racer & V-Rod Muscle (Harley-Davidson). Competitive motocross racing has been replaced by horseback riding and training as she balances her time between her music and her love of all things horsepower.

In 2014 after taking some much needed time off the road, Krista and longtime friend & songwriter, AJ Masters reconnected and wrote, recorded & produced one of two MASTERS MARIE records. The team was in the process of creating a show they had hoped to one day see on Broadway when their musical journey and time together was cut short with AJ's unexpected passing only months after the first album was completed.

Not easy for her to admit, but after loosing her musical song-mate AJ, Krista went through a dark personal time. It forced her to dig deeper than she ever had to figure out what she really wanted out of life and as it always had, songwriting became the vehicle she could use to express her feelings and rehabilitate her spirit.


Krista was finally ready to pour her heart back into her music and use her personal stories as the subject. "Songwriting became my therapy"... “When I first began writing, I wrote what I thought listeners wanted to hear... now I write what I want to hear and my lyrics are very specific to my life and experiences I've been through or are going through at any given time”. “I feel blessed to finally be in a place where I can make music that pulls from my roots, my life and most importantly, my heart”. “Writing finally gives me a sense of fulfillment and inner peace that I have so desperately been longing for”.