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99 MOTOCROSS Back On The Horse

It has been 7 years since I have set tires back on a National Motocross track after my near fatal crash at Muddy Creek (Blountville, TN,) where I broke my femur, clavical, wrist, 4 vertabrae, 4 ribs & lacerated my liver & was in the ICU for about a week. Pro MX Racer, Joe Byrd, has agreed to help me get ready to race Loretta Lynn's, the final National race of the season, August 8 & 9. With only 4 weeks of training & VERY limited track time, since I am also busy & on the road performing with THE FARM & a few other music projects I have going on. This race isn't about winning for me... It's about crossing the finish line & doing the best I can do in the short time I have to train. It's about "getting back on the horse." A metaphor for my life these days... When the going get's tough... the tough get going... & when you fall down... you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, & start it up again... the engine on my 2008 YFZ 450 that is! Brrrap! xoKM

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